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Advantages of Contracting to Super 8(a) Private Investigation Company


American Indian Tribal (AIT) owned businesses offer unique opportunities for insurance companies and other potential clients.


In addition to meeting your company's diversity vendor and minority contracting goals, you can receive substantial perks and set asides when you utilize a diversity vendor.


If you have been awarded a contract with any agency of the federal government, state government, or local government, you are REQUIRED to subcontract a percentage of your business to a minority owned vendor.


There are many perks to doing business with a Super 8(a) PI company.

minority vendors do not have a contract award limit when the partner with super 8(a)
Super 8 a Private Investigator is  DBE


Cash Rebates to Prime Contractors


Prime contractors who subcontract to Native American owned Super 8(a)businesses can enjoy 5% cash back from the contracting agency, thanks to the Native American Incentives Act.

U.S.C.1544 FAR Clause 52.226-1.



No Contract Award Limits


Other 8(a) minority vendors are limited to contract awards of up to $3 million dollars.  Super 8(a) enjoys no limits on contract awards, and can't be challenged by competitors.




No Size Limitations


Other 8(a) minority vendors are constricted by size limitations by Small Business Administration.  These constrictions do not apply to Super 8(a) Indian owned vendors.

S. 124.109(2)(iii)



Presumed Socially Disadvantaged


A native owned Super 8(a) business is presumed to be socially disadvantaged, and enjoys all of the perks of such without having to apply for or produce proof of economic hardship.

S. 124.109(b)



Automatic HUBZone Certification


All businesses headquartered on tribal lands are automatically considered Historically Underutilized Business Zones (HUBZones) and are eligible for Federal Contracting preferences.

13 CFR 126.



Won't interfere with your other 8(a) relationships


Tribes can operate multiple Super 8(a) companies as long as they are operating under different NAICS codes.  This means your existing 8(a) relationships won't be affected by a new Super 8(a) vendor.

13CFR 124.109(5)






Prime contractors who use super 8 a  get 5% cash back from contracting agency
native owned Hhub zone private investigation agency
Super 8 A is also an MBE and eligible for diversity vendor set asides
All Pro legal is the only super 8(a) private detective company in the country


Did You Know-


All Pro Legal Investigations is the ONLY Super 8(a) Tribal Owned Private Investigation Company in the Country.


Now you can capitalize on the many perks of doing business with a Super 8(a) while also enjoying a superior standard of quality.

The ONLY Tribally Owned Investigation Company. What does that mean for YOU?

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